Ring, ring

There’s a double-edged sword of owing a cell phone. 1. You’re always accessible. 2. You’re always expected to be accessible.

Remember  when you first got a cell phone?  I’m old enough to remember not having one.  Old enough to remember not needing to be in constant contact with others.  Surprisingly we survived adolescence without our parents being able to text us.

But now that we all have them, we are all attached.  Going wireless has made us more trapped.  You can never get away.  You can try.  That’s what the ignore button is for.  Unfortunately, we all know when we’ve been ignored.

I can’t tell you the number of times we’ve had the “Why didn’t you take my call.  I know that thing is always attached to you.”argument.  We lived for years only calling people at their homes, not carrying if they didn’t answer.  Now we judge their feelings and intent on how many rings til they answer or how many minutes pass til they answer the text.  Instant contact may have made us more connected, but has it really?



  1. LOL! I’m one of those people who hardly ever answers my phone. In fact, I think I’ve told people, “if you want me to pick up text me first.” *facepalm* It’s not that I don’t want to talk to people, it’s just that I feel people have forgotten how to actually hold a conversation, and that annoys me. My rule: I answer texts almost immediately, and if it’s too much to text, I’ll call them. It really cuts down on the BS, and it makes the folks I do call feel special!

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