Kids these days

I must start this little ditty with an education in current teenage lingo. For those you who do not currently have a pre-teen or teenagers schlepping and moping around your abode, there is a current trend amongst their species to shorten words that don’t need to be shortened as there were perfectly effective and useful in their original state.  The latest causality to their assault on the English language is the affectionate term of endearment, babe.

If you’ve been anywhere near an Instagram account or tweeting on Twitter (Don’t dig around on Facebook. No self-respecting teenager would be caught dead there anymore. That’s where all the ‘old’ people are), you may have seen this pop up from time to time.

‘My two Bae’

‘Me and my Bae’

‘I love my Bae’

Kill me.

I was driving just the other day with my (deep breaths Kerry) 9th grader, when she made a statement about her ‘Bae’

Me – “Your what!?!”

Ridiculous 9th grader – “My Bae. It’s like Boo, Babe, Baby.”

Me – (Imagine me with a dumbfounded and confused look on my face.) – “Um, you don’t have any of those.”

Annoyed 9th grader – “Ugh. Mom, this just a thing people call their best friends, they are your Bae.”

Me – “Why would you call your best friend a large body of water? Sounds a little mean to me.”

Irritated by my obviously not being hip enough for her 9th grader – “Not B-A-Y, B-A-E. Bae, babe minus the second B.”

Me – “Well that’s dum, D-U-M, dum.”

Condescending 9th grader – “Um, dumb with spelled D-U-M-B. Your forgot the B.”

Me – “So did you.”

For this round….

Mom – 1

Put in her place 9th grader – 0

Gobble, gobble

People are constantly complaining about how Christmas is crowding other holidays out.

“Turkey before tinsel!”

“It’s too soon!”

“One holiday at a time.”

I believe I have stumbled upon the reason for this increasing encroachment of sleigh bells into your cranberry time……

Lack of ascetically pleasing Thanksgiving decoration in the marketplace.


I rest my case.

And the winner is


Good teachers are hard to come by.  I should know because I switched my children’s school for just that reason.  I feel like I hit the jackpot when I put them at their current school.  It seems like each teacher was born to teach the grade they are in and challenges the kids to reach their full potential.

My son is in 5th grade and has the holy grail of teachers…. a loving, caring teacher who knows her material and her students well.  She has 25 years of experience and wisdom, understanding that she can push students to successes they didn’t know were possible.  She still believes in high expectations and high accountability.  She knows how to prepare kids for the upcoming challenges for middle school and high school, all the while growing their self-confidence.  If I haven’t made it clear enough yet, she is awesome-sauce!!!

Mrs. Mixan is one of those teachers who blends the latest technology and good ol’ hands on experiment into her lessons to really drive home the learning.

The latest science lesson was over bacteria, so of course the students dove into the text book, reading, taking notes, and making study guides.  They searched the internet and watched videos where super slo-mo was used to show the spray and projectile of a sneeze.  (If only the boy had seen it years ago!  Good news, he is finally covering his mouth and nose when he sneezes!)

Next, onto the hands on phase of learning.   Mrs. Mixan asked the students to put a piece of cheese, a piece of bread, slices of a tomato, and a cracked egg in a jar with a tablespoon of water, then seal it for a week.

Day 1

Here goes nothing.

Day 4

Ok. Not too bad.  I can see a few green spores.  Lots of humidity in there.

Day 8



Day 10


Ok, that is seriously gross!  The upside to this???  When Mrs. Mixan opened the jar and took samples of the mold spores for the microscope, my son had grown the most bacteria and was the classroom winner…of the most disgusting and smelliest creation.

Anyone out there suffering from strep throat???  I can save you the cost of a prescription.

My son was so proud of himself for his accomplishment.  I know the really winner was me and the rest of the parents who understand how incredible of an education he is getting and what a spectacular teacher he has guiding him on his way!