I’m the Queen and this is my Throne

Now before you get jealous, my throne is the toilet, specifically, the toilet in my children’s bathroom.  Every week it is encrusted with pee, and every week I scrub it shiny, making it fit for, well, a queen.  Then every week, it becomes a royal nightmare again.

My children are 11 and 9 and have been using said toilet for 9 1/2 and 7 1/2 years, respectfully.  (Yes, I potty trained them at 18 months, and yes, it was easy, but that’s another blog.)

You would think that by now that would have figured out how to get the majority of their business inside to bowl.  I secretly think they have a chart somewhere and give each other stars for messiness or unique displays.

Today I found urine on EVERY surface of the bowl from the lid down, the toilet brush holder, the trash can, the sink cabinet, and the floor.  After my scrubbing extraordinaire, the bowl is exceptional.  You could eat…. never mind.

My beautiful, wonderful, apparently aim-challenged son comes in the room and exclaims, “It smells different in here Mom.”

“That’s what clean smells like.”

“Oh, cool!”

Toilet clean I turn my attention to the sink.  How the #$%@* did they get toothpaste there?!?!?  Someone hold my crown, I’m going back in!


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