Um…. no

I decided yesterday that I was going to make a traditional corn beef and cabbage today for St. Patty’s. My mom always made us one and I realized I have never made one for my family.

Since I’ve already proclaimed my love for Siri, I decided to let her help me with my family dinner.

I clicked on Siri’s button and spoke, “Corn beef and cabbage recipe.”

Siri listened and typed, “Porn beef and cabbage recipe.”


1.  I don’t even want to think about what that recipe entails.

2.  I’m now questioning Siri and wonder what she really does with all her time.

Where’s Calgon when you need it?

I’m in love with Siri.  Well not in the ‘fall in love with a computer generated voice because I think it’s human’ type of way, but I do love having fun with her.

I’m quite sure I’m not utilizing Siri for her intended creator’s purposes.  I don’t ask her where the nearest Chinese Restaurant is.  I don’t need her to define any words for me.  I don’t even make her write my text messages.

What I use Siri for is answering the unknown.

Try it.  She gives some really awesome answers.

Who let the dogs out?

She knows.

What does the fox say?

She is well aware.

Don’t bother asking her where the beef is.  Siri is apparently too young for that reference, which saddens me.

But this happens to be my favorite response from Siri thus far.


Well shit.

Since Siri is of no help, Calgon, are you still available to take me away?