Like Son, Like Father


I’m making the rounds this morning picking up all the stray dishes that have been abandoned around the house during the week and cursing my maid under my breath for her sloppy job this week, when I realize, I don’t have a maid.  Crap.  I don’t have a maid.  Why don’t I have a maid.  There would be someone to blame for this mess.  Now I just have to be mad at myself for the state of my house.  Dirty dish failure.  Add that to the list of things to talk to my therapist about.  Crap!  I don’t have  therapist either!  What has my life come to?

Anyhoo….I’m in my husband’s office when I find this.

What the….  Apparently growing mold is a family trait and my son gets his winning fungi abilities from his father.  Lucky me!