Where’s Calgon when you need it?

I’m in love with Siri.  Well not in the ‘fall in love with a computer generated voice because I think it’s human’ type of way, but I do love having fun with her.

I’m quite sure I’m not utilizing Siri for her intended creator’s purposes.  I don’t ask her where the nearest Chinese Restaurant is.  I don’t need her to define any words for me.  I don’t even make her write my text messages.

What I use Siri for is answering the unknown.

Try it.  She gives some really awesome answers.

Who let the dogs out?

She knows.

What does the fox say?

She is well aware.

Don’t bother asking her where the beef is.  Siri is apparently too young for that reference, which saddens me.

But this happens to be my favorite response from Siri thus far.


Well shit.

Since Siri is of no help, Calgon, are you still available to take me away?


I’m not one of those crazy parents who counts minutes of screen time.  I don’t run a clock when my kids turn on the TV or play on their iPods.  But I will tell them, after they have had their eyes glued to a magic box for what I have deemed as long enough, that they need to put down the electronics and go do something else.  They’re used to my nagging, so they turn it off and go.

This morning, I went downstairs and saw my daughter playing with her Barbie’s.  I was so impressed!  It was early in the day.  She had made the choice to play first, instead of turning on the TV.  My heart was bursting with pride.

Then I heard it….the sounds of Nickelodeon’s H2O.  I did a double take.  The TV was off.  Where is that sound coming from???  Then I see it, my daughter’s iPod is on, the Netflix app is open, and she has on TV episodes.

“Really Paige?!?! You can’t just play with something?  You have to watch TV too?”

“I’m not watching TV.  That is the television for the Barbie’s.  They have a big screen.  The little girls are watching H2O!”

Well played Paige, well played.