The things we do for love

My mom usually makes the kids Halloween costumes, but with her being on the mend, I took her off that duty to focus on her resting and recouping.  (i.e… Mom is getting better.  She’s allowed to drive again, so she has broken free of the house.  Additional good news, all the tests came back clear.   Mom’s cancer is all gone!)

Mom’s incredible with costumes.  A real genius.  You throw an idea at her and she can make it.  Sleeping Beauty, easy.  Dorothy, done.  Buzz Lightyear, yup.  Luke Skywalker, no problem!  So with mom on the injured reserves, it’s off to the store we go to hunt for costumes.

My son knew what he wanted before we even went.  Scream.  Really boy?  1996 called, they want their costume idea back.  No amount of cajoling or pleading would get him to change his mind.  So scream it was.

My daughter, on the other hand, couldn’t make up her 12-year-old mind.  First, was the whole debate whether to trick or treat or not.  I’m a huge supporter of going.  You’re only a kid once.  Enjoy the kid things while you can.  I trick or treated all through high school.  Of course, I’m 5’3 and 3/4″ inches (yes the 3/4″ matters), so I could get away with it.  Finally, by last Saturday, she was on the trick or treat bandwagon and we were off to the store.

Just as we were entering the costume shop, a mini wind tunnel was created and the store door slammed shut… on my pinky finger.

AAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!  That #*(%&$@ hurt!!  When I say it hurt, it hurt.  Did I mention it hurt?

I looked down, saw blood, felt the throbbing heartbeat of my finger and did what any decent mom would do, I threw on a band-aid, took a deep breath, and turned towards the racks to find this girl a costume.

I was instantly reminded of why I love that my mom usually makes costumes.  Did you know that every costume made for females is a sexy _____.  Why do you think that my 12-year-old needs to be a sexy Alice in Wonderland???

Luckily, my girl has a good head on her shoulders and was able to come sensible choice.

The 80s ruled the first time and again tonight!  How did my little babies get to be soooo big?

Oh, in case you were wondering….My fingers looked like this the following day.


And this later on.

I did have it checked out, no break.  Bad bruise.  Lots of pain.  The things I’ll do for that sweet baby girl.



Rolling out the memories

Every year, every season, every holiday, our family would make cut out sugar cookies.  My mom has her own, and in my humble opinion, the absolute best recipe.  So many childhood memories are wrapped around making the dough, cutting the cookies, and creating a decorated mess of goodness.  During this process, became very adept at sneaking pieces of cookie dough.  (Mom always insisted that eating raw dough would give me worms.  I think she thought that would make me stop.  I was never fazed.)

About the time my brother and I moved out, my mom presented us with one of the best Christmas presents every…a link to the past and an invitation to future memory making.

To ensure that the family tradition would get passed along, for years my mom secretly bought cookie cutters and squirreled them away so my brother and I would have our own sets ready for our future families…AND guarantee we wouldn’t swipe any of hers on the way out the door!

I have gladly passed on the tradition to my own.  I smile widely every time I open the box to pull out the cookie cutters for that holiday or event.  In the kitchen, I pull out Peggy’s Cut-Out Sugar Cookie recipe…the flour flies and the memories flood my brain.

Yummy dough…can’t wait to swipe a piece behind her back.  Yes, I have told her cookie dough is HORRIBLE for her.  I can’t have her eating all my goods!


Roll baby roll, but don’t over roll…I don’t like them too thin!

Remember to flour those cutters, so the cookies don’t stick!

Cut the cookies as close to eat other as possible to get as many cookies as you can per roll!

Don’t place to cookies too close…you don’t want the cookies into each other.  Be careful with the sprinkles!

Rise baby, rise!

Time to clean up… guess that little bit of left over dough not big enough for a cookie will just need to go into my tummy… It wouldn’t be right to throw it away!

Time to dig in and enjoy!  They think they are just making yummy cookies….I know what we are really making!





I’m guessing that’s not good anymore….

I love Spinach Artichoke dip.  I usually like to try to make things fresh, but this is one thing that I haven’t attempted to make from scratch yet.  The artichoke scares me, so I buy the pre made stuff.  Sometimes from the deli, which looks more freshly homemade, and sometimes  I buy this one.

I know, I know.  It is chalked full of preservatives and things I can’t pronounce, but it tastes so darn good!

Last Saturday, the 20th, I went to a Halloween bash/birthday party.  I was looking good!

(That’s me in blonde afro and shades.  The clothes came from mom’s closet.  Thanks Mom! )

Anyway.  I took a bowl of chips and my quick, go to spinach dip.  In an attempt to make it look less store bought, I transferred it to my own dish and jetted off to party.

The next day, I opened the fridge to have a little pre NFL, gearing up for the games, snack, but I couldn’t find the dip.  I know the whole jar didn’t  fit into the party platter, so where was the dip???  Oh well, guacamole will have to do.  (Yes, the guacamole is homemade and the absolute best in the whole world.  I made the recipe myself and it’s to die for.)

Fast forward to this Saturday.  I was putting away a few dishes and, as I opened the cabinet, I saw this.

So that’s where it went.


Who are these people?

So I’m strolling leisurely through the grocery store the other day.  Scratch that, I barreling through the aisles, throwing things into my cart, attempting to beat a land speed record because I LOATHE being at the grocery store.  It is a horrible place.  You move the same item at least six times just to get it home.  It’s a waste of time and so flipping expensive.  I wish I could do an I Dream of Jeannie head bob and have my shelves restocked, but, alas, no one has created that technology yet…

Anyway, I’m cruising down the aisle, navigating around the sale items and Halloween displays when I am stopped dead in my tracks at the sight of this.


Now I understand being an animal lover.  I love my puppy and my old-decrepid cats.  I consider them family members.  But subjecting your pet to this seems like cruel and unusual punishment.


He’s definitely not my father.  Heck, he’s probably not anyone’s father.  He’s most likely neutered.

I get the cut necker-chiefs and even the fancy beds, but this just seems over the top!

Plus, without opposable thumbs, Fido, I mean Yoda, could never hold his light saber.

I mean, really, who are these ridiculous people who would waste their hard earned money on silly get-ups for their pet?!?!?


Um…. Wait.  Nevermind.  Disregard.