Brusha, brusha, brusha

An occupational hazard of being a video guy is that IP is occasionally hired to produce productions outside the boundaries of our hometown.  As I type, he is stuck in sunny Florida, while I’m single parenting it for the week.  Not only am I the only taxi on duty, but we are adjusting to being back in school and work, plus we are in the final stages of some bedroom remodeling.  (Because why wouldn’t one start bedroom remodeling in August, when we are preparing to go back to school.  Sure, I’ve got tons of sanity to spare.)

IP and I dropped the mini-mes off at school on Wednesday and he jetted out-of-town.

I woke up on Thursday morning and was barreling through the morning routine solo when I was stopped dead in my tracks….. my toothbrush was MIA.  Now, I a firm believer in the whole ‘Toy Story‘ phenomenon.  I know that when I leave a room, my kid’s toys get up and boogie on down.  But I don’t believe those characteristics apply to my hygiene products.  At least I hope they don’t….

A quick scan of the counter and I realize not only is my toothbrush missing, but IP’s is still very present.

Great, he took my toothbrush to the beach and left me at home.

So I handled the situation the best way I knew how.


Not liking being the fodder for my jokes, IP fought fire with fire.

photo copy

Damn, I think he wins!


I’m melting

Let me start this off with the fact that I’m a sun worshiper.  I LOVE the summer.  I have the luxury of working in a school and getting able to sit at my house June, July, and half of August.  So, sit in the sun I do.  I could sit in the sun all day, everyday.  I take my kids to the pool almost daily and usually have a deep bronze tone going on by mid June.

All of that has changed this summer…. I am soooo done with this sun and heat!  In my city, we are on day 10 of a ridiculous heat wave.  It has been between 95 – 105 with heat indexes of 98 – 114 degrees.  It is too much, even for me.  It literally feels like you are wearing a sweater that has just come out of the microwave.  Yuck!

Now, it’s not unusual for us to have this extreme heat, humidity, and heat indexes in good ol’ Nebraska, but it’s usually doesn’t happen until late July, for a couple of days, and then it ends.  There seems to be no end in sight.

Despite all of this heat and all of my complaining, I have found one benefit of this weather.  I am finally able to clean this mess out of my truck.

Three years ago, after a dinner out at one of those restaurants where they give your children crayons, I came out to my over heated truck to find that these free crayons had made themselves a lovely art display with some discarded sunflower seeds in the console of my truck.  And there they have sat, frozen in time….until today.

Today this unintentional masterpiece is now soft and gooey enough to be able to make disappear.  Thank you heat wave of 2012!