Conversations from my work…

Welcome to today’s installment of ‘conversations from my work.’   I have the pleasure to work with some great students who provide me with lots of great material for this here blog.  Here are a few of the conversations I had today.


Scene – Student attempting to correct me

Me – Yes, I know, they were trying to go smoke pot.

Student – No, it wasn’t pot.

Me – Ok, then what was it.

Student – It was weed. 


Scene – One student having a conversation with another

Student 1 – I have $19,000 in my savings account.  I might go buy an iPad.

Me – You could do that.

Student 2 – You could buy 2!


Scene – Student in my office, pulling at the fake tree I have.  I see him picking his nose.  Then I see him rip a fake stick off the fake tree.

Student – I’m going to stick this up my nose.

Me – I wouldn’t do that.

Student – (Sticks stick up his nose.)  Ooowwww!  It tickles!  (Then rips a fake leaf off of the tree and puts it in his mouth.) Hmmm, this doesn’t taste like a leaf.  It tastes like cloth!

Conversations from my work

(Just a reminder if you didn’t read my bio.  I’m a school social worker at a school for behaviorally disordered special education students.  My daily interactions and conversations are, shall we say, interesting.)

Here are a few conversations that I had or listened to at work this week.

1.  Scene – Teacher has given an assignment over cause and effect of air currents.

Student – “I can’t find the answer!!!!”

Teacher – “It’s in this paragraph.”

A few minutes later…. Student – “I still can’t find it.”

Teacher – “Read this sentence.”

A few minutes later…. Student – “I still can’t find it!!!”

Teacher – “The answer is the first sentence.”

Student puts pen to paper and writes ‘The first sentence.”

Teacher – “No, the answer is in the first sentence.”

Student – “Oh, so what is it?”


2. Scene – Staff member finds a quarter.

Staff member – “Hey look!  I found a quarter.”

Student – “It’s mine. I dropped it!”

Staff member – “Ok, whose picture is on it?”

Student – “I don’t know!”


3.  Scene – Student sitting in my office with me.

Student – “So are you full white?”


4. Scene – Student working on a worksheet from class.  The textbook is open in front of them.

Student – “I don’t know where to find these answers!”

Me – “If you read the section, you’ll find the answer.  The generally write the answers to those worksheet questions in the textbooks.”



Parenting Lectures….

I work at a school with behaviorally disordered student. Things happen at my job that don’t happen at other people’s jobs. Here’s more proof that the “kids say the darndest things.”

A student was crying to a teacher about a why he was upset at himself over his repeated mess ups. This was what I overheard….
‘…..If I don’t start doing better and get back into a better school, I won’t get into college; I won’t get a good job; and I’ll be stuck flipping burgers with a pregnant wife!’


I can just imagine the nightly lecture at this poor kids home! Hey parents, the good news is, he’s hearing and remembering every word you say. The bad news is, he’s still not getting it.

Parent lectures are interesting. We all hated them and rolled our eyes when war received them. Then as parents, despite all the ‘i’ll never do/say that with my own kids,’ we do. I know personally, I can just go on and on with a lecture, repeating the same phrases until my kids eyes actually roll out of their heads. No really, they do. I’m convinced that the only benefit of parent lectures is to ingrain them in our children’s heads for there future use with our grandchildren.