5 – 7 servings a day

I try really hard to eat as healthy as I possibly can.  I don’t go around weighing my food or counting the calories, but I do try to balance out what I put on my plate, hit all the food groups, and keep my portions sizes in check.  

Try being the key word.  

Breakfast I usually make eggs and grab some fruit.  Two checks there.  At lunch, I’ll make a salad with whatever veggies are in the work fridge and grab a couple of fruits too, attempting to hit the quad-fecta on the fruit/veggie daily requirements.  

Like I said before, I try.

And today I failed….miserably.

This morning we had our monthly family breakfast out.  I played it safe with ham and eggs.  I should have ordered some fruit, but I figured I caught up on that later.  

Um, sure I will.  

I hit the floor running at work and didn’t get time to come up to catch my breath.  Student crisis.  Student crisis.  Student crisis.  Student crisis.  At one point, I know I took a student to the cafeteria and heated up my lunch.  Then my walkie talkie started to squelch and I took off on another, um, ‘adventure.’  One of my lovely co-workers threw my bowl of beef noodle soup in the microwave for me, which – SHIT – is where it still is at this very moment.  Well, that will be fun to deal with in the morning.  

Once the buses arrived and the darling children were all on their merry way, the evening meetings began, and I grabbed the best thing I could find to fill in for my missing nutrients.  

photo copy 6

These count as a fruit right?  I mean they’re orange in color and flavor.  They’re shaped like an orange.  And they’re clearly labeled as an orange.  I’m marking them down as 3 fruit servings for the day.  



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