I may be 3(*cough*) years old, but there are certain things that make me giggle like a little kid no matter how old I get.

Balls – Funny, especially in a sentences.  “Who put these balls here?”  Smiles and giggles.

Uranus – Best used in a ridiculous statement of fact.  “Did you know there are black rings around Uranus?” Always induces a wide grin and a loud chuckle.

Duty – Hilariously, over-the-top funny.  It doesn’t even have to be said in a certain context to get to me.  Duty is ALWAYS funny.  I’m not an LOL gal.  In fact, I despise all text lingo.  But the mere uttering of the word duty will literally cause me to stop whatever I’m doing in laugh out (well you get the idea).  I’m considering starting a petition to eliminate usage of SUPER DUTY on the back of vehicles.  That’s just an accident waiting to happen.

Today I opened my kitchen cabinet and found this staring back at me.

photo copy 7

My burst of laughter was so loud that Mini Me came a runnin’, trying to figure out what was so funny.

I know, I know.  It’s juvenile and petty and childish and ridiculous, but so what.  The older I get, the more I realize that, at some point while growing up, people mistook adulthood with either the need to become stuffy, stodgy, and predictable, or uptight, snotty, and bitchy.  I reject all these assumptions.  I’m going to age under my own terms, with laughter and silliness crammed in whenever I can.



  1. So funny!! You’re saying what we’re all thinking. I was once sorting golf balls for a tournament and was having my then 8 year old daughter sit on the bed and sort the good ones from the ones where the logos had been printed incorrectly. I said “put the good balls in a pile to the right and the bad balls in a pile between your legs.” Then I laughed hysterically at how that sounded. She didn’t get why that was so funny and I DID NOT explain.

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