‘Those days’

Ever had one of ‘those days’.  Of course you have.  In the past two weeks, I’ve had one of ‘those days’ 17 times.  What you say?  There are only 14 days in two weeks.  It’s not possible to have 17 of ‘those days’ in 14 days.  Well, I beg to differ and so does the Mack Truck that keeps throwing it in reverse and backing over me.

On day 37 of ‘those days’ last week, (Hey, cut me some slack.  It’s a mathematical fact that ‘those days’ reproduce like bunnies, and it was a mild winter last year.) I was driving down the street, wallowing in my misery, when I found someone having, without a doubt, a worse day than me.

photo copy 7

I suddenly felt better.



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