At the end of each day, I like to wind down and prepare for dreamland with a big cup of steaming hot coffee.

What is that you say Kerry?  You like to fill your body with caffeine right before you drift off to dreamland?

Yes, yes I do.  Caffeine stopped having an effect on me in 1988…about the same time I stopped growing in the vertical direction.  I could fall asleep mid-sip, which makes for high upholstery cleaning bills and a new definition of a wet dream.

The other evening, Kimmel was just finishing his monologue, which was my clue to wrap up my evening and hit the hay.  I grabbed my mug for one last swig when…

What the %&$#!

photo copy 6

Apparently someone else has a shares my addiction to coffea arabica…. greedy freeloader!



  1. Now, I know we were separated at birth. I also love coffee after 9:00 p.m. My system is completely immune to caffeine. As for the bug, I gotta know, what is that thing? Did you take a closer look after dumping him in the sink?

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