Warning!!!  Warning!!!

I felt it was necessary to inform you, my readers, of a potential future blog post which might be coming your way.

As I’m sure you all know, this is a toilet.

photo copy 7

People have been using this marvel of modern ingenuity for years now.  First, to expel their waste from themselves and then, from their homes.

Well, most people that is.  The knuckleheads that I loving call family have mastered the first part of the equation.  But they all apparently suffer from a major skill set deficiency and are unable to complete the second half of the task.  Everyday, without fail, I enter a bathroom in my home to find an unwanted and unasked for present.

I’ve tried asking them nicely.  I’ve tried begging.  I’ve even tried yelling.  None of them have worked so far, so I’ve been forced to resort to shame.

I made a public announcement to my beloveds that the next loaded bowl found would be photographed and become the star of a new blog post titled, ‘Who’s Poop is This!’

Gaping mouthed children – “You wouldn’t!”

Me – “I would.  If you don’t want it to be you, then flush the toilet.”

So, consider yourself forewarned.  If you see the blog above mentioned title appear, remember…..

It is what you think it is.

It won’t be pretty.

Click at your own risk.



  1. Kerry! Finally a post about toilet offenders. I have a few living under my roof, too. I may have to resort to this method of shame because NOTHING seems to be working!

    And, can I just ask Whyyyyyyyyy is it SO hard to flush the toilet? It’s not like having to wash the dishes.

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