Everything else pales in comparison

Since finishing college, I’ve taken great pride in filling out the ‘occupation’ section on forms.

Even though there are incredibly crazy, stressful days, I truly enjoy being a social worker.  I like that my job entails talking to people, a skill I apparently excel at since my grandfather has nicknamed me ratchet jaw.  Despite their cranky attitudes and explosive displays, I enjoy working with my students.  Under all that gruff exterior that they show the world, hides a group of great kids waiting to make their appearance, and I get to help them find their way out.  Plus, nights, weekends, holidays, and summers off help.  🙂  (Sidebar ~ I’m being forced to return to work tomorrow.  Only 190 workdays until next summer break….not that I’m counting or anything!)

As I’m sure you know, unless you live under a rock, which you don’t because you’re on the internet right now, there is another new heir to the royal throne.  (Not that it really matters because that ol’ lady refuses to give it up, greedy much!)  I’m not a royal watcher.  I didn’t get up for the wedding.  I don’t run out and buy the latest Kate dress knock-off.  I didn’t join a baby naming pool.  But sometimes curiosity gets the best of you.

The other day, Twitter notified my that they royal baby’s birth certificate had been officially filed.  This I had to see.

photo copy 6


Occupation – Prince/Princess of the United Kingdom.  Nothing, NOTHING, you could write down, no other occupation measures up.  ‘Oh, you’re a brain surgeon.  That’s cute.  I’m a princess.’



  1. Hahaha ….you know what I find interesting about it? The penmanship. It is horrible! You would think that writing this out for the new heir, they’d get some special flowerly writing.

    And what does ‘informant’ mean? Father?

    And I am not quite the royal watcher either ….but admits, taking a peek now and then can be … bizarrely interesting lol.

  2. LMAO ‘you’re a brain surgeon, that’s cute, I’m a princess’ <— still dying!

    It is nuts to see the birth certificate! Compared to mine they've got quite the credentials.

    Awesome blog. I'm new to wordpress but finding your blog already has me busting a gut so I'm looking forward to more!

  3. I was so disappointed that they didn’t even take the time to use a computer to type out this birth certificate. I mean, he is the prince and they knew he was coming. No one thought to have it ready to go? Even a commoner like me has a pretty typed out birth certificate. But hey, that occupation does rock, doesn’t it?

  4. I’m over the royal baby news, too. What I’m more shocked to learn is that you’re back at work already. How did that happen? We don’t start school until September 3rd.

    Hang in there lovely lady. Hope your first week back isn’t too rough!

    • Our district here start at all different dates, most of them are around the 15th, give or take a day. (And then are all out the friday before Memorial Day.) My students start on the 13th and so our director set the 5th as start date, giving us 6 days of planning. I think it’s a little much, but they don’t ask my opinion. I could have been ready in three days. Oh well. I’m most sad that my kids don’t start until the 21st, so they get 2 1/2 more weeks of sleeping in and I miss doing stuff with them!

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