Not quite what I was thinking buddy

Wednesday is my grocery shopping day.  I’m one of those price checking chicks.  The new ads come out Wednesday morning, so I rake over the sale prices, matching up the discounts with my necessities, then head out for the hunt.

One might think, with all the preparation, I actually enjoy this experience.


I loathe grocery shopping.   The squeaky, wobbly carts, the slow, aisle blocking shoppers, moving the same item six times just to get it in your kitchen cabinet.   And yet, the people I live with keep eating, so I have to go out week after week.

So, every week, I have a competition with myself to see how fast I can get in and out.  I time myself from parking lot entry to parking lot exit.  My goal yesterday was 1 hour.   The sun was out and I had a pool lounger calling my name.

I entered the lot at 2:19.  Start the clock.  Short list, minimal fellow shoppers impeding my path, open and quick-moving check outs.  As I started the ignition to leave the lot, my clock time read 3:05.  I WIN!  (Nothing, but I win, so there!)

All that stood between me and the pool was getting this stuff in the cabinets.  As I quickly unloaded the goods, I chucked the package of TP at T-Dog, asking him to put it away.

“Ok Mom.”

3:34 Groceries are away.  Here I come pool!

I rounded the hallway corner, I saw this.

photo copy 6

Well I could have thrown it down the hallway, plus I clearly remember asking him to put it away and him answering in the affirmative.  Instead of nagging, I simply stepped over the tissue, got into my suit, grabbed my towel, and walked out the door.

I’ve decided I’m starting a silent wait-and-see protest a la Ray/Deborah/and the stinky cheese suitcase.  My question now is, how long will it be there before someone puts it away, because I’m not touching it.



  1. ha ha! Thanks for my morning laugh! I hate grocery shopping too, but even more I hate the little “experiments” I have to conduct around the house. We’ve had “Experiment dirty socks under the coffee table” and “Experiment suit jacket draped on the back of the dining room chair” and many others! Funny, how I also end up hearing myself saying, “Okay, today I end experiment (insert details here)” because apparently I’m the only bothered by it. lol Oh well, I’ve had “experiment toilet paper on the stairs” and somehow fate deemed my butt the one that needed TP after several days and I got to end that experiment too! 😉

  2. Here’s the thing about grocery shopping. If you’re retired or you don’t work, you should go during the week. I shouldn’t see anyone in the parking lot of a grocery store over the age of 70. That’s what’s causing these crowds on the weekend.

  3. Absolutely hilarious! On the lovely days that my husband helps me unpack groceries he always puts toilet paper and any other toiletry items on top of the stove. The bathroom is a mere two feet away. Drives me nuts that he can’t walk a package of toilet paper right around the corner. Maybe next time I should leave it there and start up the oven! I LOVED the stinky suitcase episode!!

  4. Do not like the idea of the tp getting stepped on or smashed as then it will not roll smoothly on the roller but go clunck, clunck, clunck, which would drive me nuts!
    I do also really like the idea of the donation bucket! I definitely need to do that! They will hate having to go to the garage to retrieve their stuff! 🙂

  5. I SOOOOOOO can relate! My kids act like I have asked them to give up a kidney whenever I ask them to do something simple! It will be interesting to see how long the tp sits there. I hate grocery shopping also and often use the delivery service from Stop and Shop where you order it online and it’s delivered right to your kitchen! It’s da bom! 🙂

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