Packing Master?

To know me, is to know that I am a crazily, obsessive planner.  I make daily To-Do lists.  I talk to myself about what I need to get accomplished.  I double check after I’ve done things to make sure I really have them in the order I want them done it.  I drive myself nutty.  I stress and worry and, then stress some more.  IP does not.  He has more of a grab and go persona, not seeing the point in wasting time stressing out or worrying.  In his mind’s eye, it will be what it is.  Being laid back has it’s advantages sometimes, but not always…..

Peter once went to Baltimore

He packed as he ran out the door

Day two came around

No new shirts to be found

Stinky traveler in the same shirt on day four

Summer means vacation.  Being the Type A I am, I began my pre-pre-planning by making lists of the things we would need to pack for an upcoming trip.  IP takes a quick peek at my list and begins to mock me.

“You actually put ‘clothes’ on your list.  Do you really think that was necessary?”

“This from the man who flew to Baltimore without any shirts.”

(Insert image of IP sticking his tongue out at me.)

FYI ~ If this whole blogging/parenting/social working/household managing/trip planning thing doesn’t work out for me, I think I have a future in limerick writing.




  1. *smirks at pre – pre – planning** … then gives you a HIGH 5,000,000! I am the same way.

    And why would one NOT put clothes on their list? (I used to even put stuff I had already done, so I had the satisfaction of having to cross them off hahahha.)

    Now as for your limerick skills …. well, not the skills, but ‘Limerick’….do not tell those from there that I said this…but I think it is not the cleanest of counties haha.

  2. I loved your limerick! And I’m like you. Lists and pushing the 50 pound limit because hey, I might find a ski slope near Key West and wouldn’t I be bummed if I didn’t bring my snow suit? Lol. I have gotten better.

  3. Kerry, how can two people be MORE similar? I used to write a list for opening my locker in high school . . . turn right to #33 . . . turn left to #11. So, I would definitely write “clothes” on a list of to-do’s before leaving for a trip! 😉

  4. Oh Kerry! We are the same person when it comes to the whole planning/listing. With our recent trip I had many, many lists. Suitcase packing lists, toiletry lists, activity bag lists for each kid, snack bag lists. You will be also be happy to know that on my suit case packing list not only did I write “clothes” but I also wrote the number I wanted to pack with each. I actually equate in a few more shirts than shorts due to spills foreseen in the car. I really did spill coffee on myself a few times while driving so it really was a smart thing!

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