Not to brag or anything, but we are a pretty spectacular zoo here in good ol’ O-town.  Every year I gladly fork over my $100 to renew our membership and in return we receive 365 day access to the greatest zoo around.  (Yeah, yeah, yeah.  You’re zoo’s good too, but mine’s better.)

Since we can go anytime we want, on any day we want, we go often.  Sometimes we’ll pack a lunch and make a day of it.  Sometimes we’ll just swing in for an hour to visit a few favorite friends.

Whenever we go, there are a couple of exhibits that are a must see.




Hippo (My FAVORITE!)



Two-toed sloth….lazy SOB



Big A$$, angry Gorilla



And a trip is never complete without a little monkey business.

Aww the monkeys.  I could sit there all day and watch their antics.  As I watch them goof around, entertaining us lemmings, this is what I envision……

“I hereby call the 8 am meeting of cage 5 to order.  Roll call!  Steve!”





“zzzzz, hmmm, What??? Oh, here.”

“Let the record show all four of us were present and accounted for this morning.”

“Larry, is this really all necessary?  We live in a cage.  We can’t get out.”

“It’s all necessary Bob.  One can never be too careful.  Now boys, today is Monday, typically a slower day, but I need to remind you that it’s Memorial Day, so I think we need to on full assignment today for the anticipated higher crowds.”

“Seriously Larry?!?!  Do you really think it’s necessary?”

“Yes, Bob.  We’re still in the running for ‘Most Entertaining Exhibit’ this month and I’m not going to lose to those darn polar bears….again!   Steve, you’re on creepy smile.”


“Aye aye Captain!”

“Jim, you’ve on butt patrol today.”



“Bob.  You know what that means.  You’re on orange duty.”

“AGAIN!  How come I always pull the short peel?”

“You know why Bob.  The rest have tried and they just can’t kill it like you do….




….plus you already have the orange stains.”








  1. Oh my heavens! This was hysterical! I couldn’t stop looking at the creepy smile on the monkey! I was trying to figure out if you photoshopped it or something. I see in the above comment you didn’t! That is an award winning picture! Great, great post!!

  2. I loved the HIPPO photo. For some reason I thought hippos only had square teeth. That one looks like it had fangs. OMG…Hippo Vampire.


    lol … ok…so we now have a zoophyte going on…OUR zoo has … well, like what yours has….but…

    … the zoo about 90 minutes north of me (Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma, Washington) has beluga whales. OH. MY. GOD. They can turn their heads…they sort of have necks. It is soooo cool.

    By the way … you do know I was not really jealous about other stuffs on other posts right? *huuggers*

  3. Hahaha! That’s so funny. I can’t believe you get to go all year for that. We pay $26 and adult every time you go…We have no year pass like the U.S and the U.K .. We suck!! LMAO Great photos…hugs Paula xx

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