Thank a teacher

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, I would like to let you all know how much I love teachers.  I appreciate all the time, energy, and creativity they expend, and am so thankful for the things they give not only my own children, but all children in all schools, everyday.

Great teachers inspire a love of learning.  They teach kids without the kids feeling like it’s work.  They present things in fun and interesting ways, wrapping the students in and creating an unmeasurable excitement for the material.  Great teachers not only make school fun, but create memories that will last a lifetime while motivating and shaping our future.

“So what did you learn in school today?”

The standard question that we all ask our children everyday after school.  Well, today I got an interesting response.

“Look Mom!  Look!”

photo copy 7

Can you guess what that is?  Well, I’ll let Trystan tell you…

“It’s a cow’s eye.  We dissected it today!  I found the optic nerve.  Then I pulled it off!  Then I flipped the lens inside out.  I dissected it all by myself!  Did you know the bluish-green part feels like rubber?  I touched it with my bare hands!  Can I have a baggie?  I have to clean out the jar and return it to school.”

As I was making dinner, this got plopped next to me.

photo copy 8

Needless to say, I had a light dinner tonight.

All of this love, joy and excitement was created by the incredible Mrs. Mixan.

picture courtesy of google images

picture courtesy of google images

What, you say, that’s Paul McCartney!  Well, as much as I would LOVE to show you an actual picture of Mrs. Mixan, she does not allow you to take her picture.  Since she’s a life long Beatles fan and once tried to call Mr. McCartney long distance from her best friends kitchen, I think she’ll let me substitute this picture for one of her, just this one time…

Thank you teachers for all that you do you for my children and my family.  I hope you know how much we appreciate you.  And remember, summer is just a few short days away, not that we’re counting or anything….




  1. I can’t believe that they got to do that in 5th grade! In hindsight I think that age would be more open to doing something like that then a bunch of high school kids though! I can still conjure up that formaldehyde smell in my memory and it makes me gag! Maybe if I would have been introduced to it at a younger age it would have been easier! Way to go awesome teachers….like yourself! I also find it remarkable that Trystan remembered he had to bring the cup back!!

  2. They let him KEEP the eye?!?!?!?!? OMG…if my daughter ever came home with an eye…cow or cat or bird or *blech* …*stops thinking about it* ….she will SEE what a weenie her mom is haha.

    Actually, I think it is sort of cool … sort of.

    What did he do with it? *shudders*

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