Only in his dreams

You know those last previous moments of pillow talk before you drift off to dream land?  You and your significant other whispering sweet nothings into your ear.  Well here are mine.

IP – “Good Night”

Kerry – “Night”

IP – “I’ll see you in my dreams.”

Kerry – “What am I like in your dreams?”

IP – (Smiling) “You have bigger boobs.”

Kerry – “OK….I’m I smarter or dumber?”

IP – “You don’t talk.”

Kerry – “Nice.”

IP – “Shhhhhhhhh”

Keep dreaming babe, keep dreaming.



  1. LOL…omg … the fact that you can tell this story and have a sense of humor about it tells me that you and IP have a very wonderful relationship *smiles* … you two sound like you laugh a lot and enjoy one another’s company.

    Nevertheless … I would point out two things to the IP ….

    1) His future wife, Ms. Swift will likely underwhelm given his wish for …. errr… a fuller …. errr…relationship haha.

    2) Mention in your dreams tis bigger too. Then say of course you are not talking about your boobs. *smirkles* (omg…if this is too much for this blog post….feel free to delete! Ack! lol)

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