It’s the cheesiest

Hi, my name is Kerry and I stress eat Cheddar Chex Mix.  (“Hi Kerry.”)

I usually run to the grocery store on Wednesday after work.  This Wednesday was a particularly terrible day at work.  I work with behaviorally disordered students, and we make a tally each day at dismissal whether we think with won or lost that day.  The longer version of Wednesday involves being nearly choked, a broken necklace, a police call, lots of other phone calls and endless paperwork.  The short story is…we lost.

As I drug my behind to Wally World after work, I was hoping to make it a quick and painless visit.  I wanted nothing more than to make it to my couch and my bottle of Moscato.   My trip down wine therapy was derailed as I stumbled upon something better, one of my biggest vices…Cheddar Cheese Chex Mix.

It’s the devil really.  I mean, just look at it.

photo copy 11

There is nothing better than all that cheesy, crunchy goodness.  The Corn Chex, the Wheat Chex, those triangle shaped fake cheese-it looking things, the… nope that’s it.  I know, I know, your saying to yourself, “Kerry, you forgot to mention the squiggly bread thingys and pretzels!”  Um, no.  I didn’t mention them on purpose.  Those, I could do without.  Yuck!  In fact, I stress eat my way right around those wasted ounces of my snack bag.  If someone out there is listening, if you could make a bag of just the Chex pieces, that would be the best!

The shopping trip was a rousing success.  In and out in less than an hour and for under $200…double bonus.  I didn’t even have the groceries completely in the car before I had the bag ripped open and the inhaling had begun.

Then, I came across the most incredible part of the Cheddar Chex Mix.  These babies.

photo copy 10

Oh My… I’m drooling.  I mean, just look at them.  They are so completely covered in fake, orange, poly hydrogenated, absolutely terrible for you, processed ‘cheese’ powder, that you can barely tell if they’re a Wheat Chex or a Corn Chex.  I’m in heaven.

Shovel, chew, remember to pause to breathe, shovel, chew.

I arrive home and look down at the unmistakable evidence of my weakness.

photo copy 12

I told you I had a problem.  I’m thinking of starting a group.



  1. Hey kerry. Wow, what a hell of a stressful day! I hug you. 🙂 I so haven’t seen these pretzel chips before? Mind you I live in Western Australia….we are sooo behind the rest of the world. Maybe Sydney sells them? I have to say they do look extremely yummy. Hugs Paula xx


    My first reaction was to start to write to tell you how sorry I was for your day. But as I read on … jaysus I couldn’t help but start to laugh. Not giggling…but out and out laughing. omg Kerry you had me in stiches….with the words and the photos and….and oh yeah, I love those too haha.

  3. This is absolutely hilarious Kerry! If your biggest source of comfort after a day like that is Cheddar Chex Mix you are doing amazing! I really don’t understand what you have against the pretzels though…I love those covered in a fine cheesy powder!! I hope next Wednesday is a win!!!

  4. I had to come by and read this again this morning …. oh lord, it is STILL making me laugh. The photo of the uber cheesy chex bits AND the tell tale orange on your fingers are soooo making me laugh again.

  5. Oh God Kerry, absolutely love the post, the way you described the whole cheesy things (sorry only eat cheese once in a blue moon! I’m sure you won’t like that!) makes me want to try it! I’ll still join your group by the way!!!

  6. Well, you can count me in! Anything, and I mean anything with cheese and salt, is a green light in my book. Please tell me you like Cheez-its too? I hope I’m prepared for your answer . . . 🙂

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