The other S word

“No more pencils, no more books, no more teacher’s dirty looks…”

Schools out for…Spring Break!  (Hey I get called plenty of S words a day.  It’s about time I gave one back!)

That’s right ladies and gentlemen.  It’s that other break that is music to the ears of those in education, Spring Break, coming second only to those other magical words…Summer Vacation.  (But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  We still have 9 weeks to go!)

Spring Break always awakens in me all those feelings of renewal and rebirth.  It’s a time for me to throw back the curtains, dump out those drawers and reorganize my chaos for a fresh new season.

I was so excited for spring break this year that I could hardly contain myself.

Weeks ago, I started making a list of all the things I would get accomplished.  Closets cleaned, drawers straightened, flowerbeds and yard raked, paperwork filed, holiday preparation done, photos in the photo albums, scrapbooks up to date, books read….oh all the books I was going to get read.

Then I looked at the calendar realized the joy of all joys….

MY BREAK IS THE SAME TIME AT MARCH MADNESS!    I know I have mentioned time or two that I am a slight insanely, ridiculously obsessed sports fan.  March Madness is such a great time of year that even the novice of fans fills in a bracket and sneaks a little game watching when the boss isn’t looking.  Usually I’m stuck at work, so I’m connected to my computer those first two days of the tourney, hoping to catch a glimpse of an upset or that must-see buzzer beater.  Now, thanks to the school calendar scheduling gods, I will be home in my sweats, kicking back on my couch, getting to see every glorious second!  (Can you tell I’m excited?)

Well the final bell ran on Friday and I couldn’t get out of the building fast enough.  Sayonara school halls….see you in 10…maybe.

It’s like all that crazy, pent-up energy from the first three quarters of the school put me in hyper drive and I hit my to-do list with a speed and swiftness I didn’t know I had.

Day one – closets cleaned, drawers straightened, donation pile made, rooms all spic and span.

Day two – Garage cleaned and organized, Christmas lights down (yes, finally), yard picked up, garden raked and ready, business paperwork caught up.

Day three – Photos in photo albums (Yes, I still print all my pictures and make photo albums.  Nothing digital will ever be the same as flipping through an actual photo album!), scrapbooks current (Yes, I make the kids scrapbook pages from each school year.  They’re not as pretty as some other’s make, but my kids love them and I love reliving the year as I do them.), shopped for upcoming birthdays and holidays, finished book #1.

photo copy 8

photo copy 7

Day four – Car to the shop for a quick fix, more business paper work, decorated for the Easter, start book #2….

photo copy 11

You know what happens when you are super, duper organized?  You get everything done before noon on Tuesday of your Spring Break and you end up sitting on your couch, looking at your March Madness bracket, trying to decide which upsets to go with, and painfully watching the clock tick down the seconds until game time.

I hate to even type the words but……. I’m so bored.

Poor IP has taken the brunt of my boredom today.  I keep walking into his office and staring at him, then offering up ridiculous suggestions of ways for him to play hooky with me.  Take me to lunch… go to a movie…  nap on the couch….  all code for – entertain your wife who’s going bat shit crazy with too much free time on her hands.

Despite all my talk about longing to have hours to sit and do nothing, when I actually have time to sit and do nothing, I realize that I actually like to be busy.  I think my internal clock craves lists and schedules and chaos.  If I don’t have eight things to do and am not being pulled in four different directions, I don’t know what to do with myself.

‘The quiet scares me ’cause it speaks the truth.’ – P!nk

(Sorry to get all reflective on her here, but hey, it’s my blog, I can type what I want!)  That’s one of my favorite song lyrics.  Maybe this is a chance to develop a new side of Kerry.  Work on slowing my mind and enjoying the calm.  Focus on just being present and enjoying the minute that is in front of me without have to plan, schedule, and do.


Maybe I can clean underneath the couches and behind the washer and dryer.  Then I could sew clothing for my dog and organize the attic.  Hey, I’m all for self-reflection, but I just realized being inside my head is scary place to be….



  1. OMG I got exhausted just reading this. HOLY feckin moly Kerry….you are a whirlwind. And when I read the 2nd to las paragraph I was thinking …oh …she will rest some now. Then the last paragraph and I started to laugh totally. Oh god that was funny.

    By the way, did IP take you to lunch? Next time tell him you think Taylor Swift might be at the restaurant! lol

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