Tricks aren’t just for kids


Some people dread this day, superstitious, can’t own a black cat or walk under a ladder type of people.  My daughter, on the other hand, loves today.  She has been counting off the days until this very evening for tonight is the night of the Taylor Swift concert.

For those of you who don’t know, Ms. Swift has an obsession with the number 13.  It’s her favorite number.  She writes in on her hand for every concert and using it in significant ways whenever possible.  Apparently, she also has an obsession with Omaha for tonight is the second time she has opened a world tour from our humble little city.  When she opened her Speak Now tour here, I took Paige.  I must say, that gal puts on one heck of a good show.  Now it wasn’t ‘New Kids on the Block phenomenal’ in my book, but then, what is……(Why hello Mr. Wahlberg.  You’re looking lovely this fine evening.  Oh wait, wrong blog.  Sorry….)

Anyway, late last year, Ms. Swift announced that she would be launching her Red tour and once again picked Omaha as the starting location, this year picking 3-13-13, double lucky numbers, as the beginning date.  I don’t know who was happier, Paige or IP.  Here is where I must mention that IP has a slight crush on Taylor Swift.  Any by slight I mean, he’s under the impression that he is the inspiration for all of her lovey, dovey lyrics.  No, I’m serious.  He frequently tells people that Taylor has a secret 39-year-old boyfriend in the midwest that she dates on the DL, using all her celebrity relationships and break-ups to cover-up their relationship.  I mean, why else would she keep opening her tours here?

The minute the tickets went on sale, IP screamed “DIPS”, jumped online and snatched up two tickets.

And this is where us as parents get to have a little fun…..

We knew that we had tickets, but we told Paige that we weren’t able to get any.  Yeah, I know it’s mean, but hey, you’ve got to take these golden opportunities when you can!

Paige spent the last four months asking if we found tickets yet, showing us videos online, dropping hints about the concert getting closer, having walks down memory lane about the previous concert and how much fun it was, and then, of course, performing any chore or task we asked her to do, hoping, just hoping, we would give in and buy those tickets!  (See, how much fun this is!)

We finally broke the news (plus the news that we had the tickets all along) to her on Sunday.  She was waayyyyy to excited to be mad at us for holding out on her; and she knew if she pouted too much, she’d lose out on getting that concert T-shirt!

Well tonight was the night!  I’ve never seen that girl do her homework faster or more accurately!  My daughter and husband, who are usually running late, were dressed for the show and out the door two hours….yes TWO HOURS before curtain call.



So you think they are excited?



  1. I admit, as i read this blog post I was like, hahahahaha…you are soooo mean. You are my hero! lol.

    Then I looked at the photos of IP and ip (ip of course now being infamous paige). The both look TOTALLY and insanely pumped up. I’m glad they enjoyed the concert.

    Now … about this Mark Walberg blog …. *smirkles*

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