It’s hard to get sympathy somedays

When I started this blog, since I am an obsessive, Type A personality, I made it very clear with myself (Yes I talk to myself, don’t judge) that I wasn’t going to give myself any ‘rules’ or ‘have-tos’ regarding posts.  I don’t have a defined list of blog topics, which should be obvious by my range of topics.  If it strikes my fancy, I blog about it.  I also didn’t require myself to post a certain number of times a week.  Some weeks I’ve ended up with three posts and some with one.  I didn’t want to force myself to post if I hadn’t been inspired.  Even I know that, despite how much I might want to , I can’t schedule being creative!

You might have noticed that I had a two-week hiatus in posts during February.  (You didn’t?  Imagine me crying!)  Well, I had a really good reason for it….. I WAS IN CANCUN!

Now, before to go getting all crappy with me.  I was FORCED to go to Cancun on a business trip.  That’s right, forced.  IP was hired to shoot a wedding there, so we had to fly all the way to a tropical paradise in the middle of February and suffer through 87* heat, day long sunshine, and breathtaking sunsets.  I mean really, who wants to deal with this everyday???


It was horrible.  And then, to make matters worse, the whole time we were there, people kept doing things for us: cleaning our room, turning down our bed and leaving chocolates, bringing us endless drinks while we lounged poolside alternating between swimming, tanning, reading, and napping.  I mean really.  It was just terrible!


~ Sidebar…. When one is in Cancun, receiving said endless free drinks and soaking in the tropical sunshine, please be careful not to end up like this lady.


Nothing will spoil a mid-winter get away like drowning in a resort swimming pool.  Plus yakking up the entire contents of your stomach on the pool deck will not endear you to the other guests! ~

Anyhoo, while away, I may or may not have burned my pale, February skin to a crisp while relaxing on the white sand beaches near the equator.


Ok, I did.  I burned the hell out of my skin.


And do you know what I learned, no one really wants to hear about mid-winter sunburn you received while they were stuck digging out from the nine inches of snow they received while you were gone.  No love, no sympathy, no concern for the heart-wrenching ordeal I am having to endure.  In fact, they take sick pleasure in watching the top layer of my skin flake off.  Sick bastards!

photo copy 6

For those of you that do care, I am recovering slowly for this whole ordeal, getting a little better a day at a time.  Despite the pain and trauma we suffered through, we are currently accepting applications for any other couples who want to get married in Cancun.  For their joy and dream wedding, we would be willing to endure the whole experience again.  That’s just the kind of people we are!





  1. Hi Kerry! Oh no you poor thing… Ouchy!! That looks painful! What a beautiful destination. I’m in a hotel room in Sydney as I board the ship tomorrow! Thanks for the tips as I’ll make sure I don’t have as bad a time as you did!! LMAO! No joke your holiday destination looks superb! Hugs Paula xxxx

  2. Damn that looks painful! I am glad you got away and had a good time, minus the sunburn. I’m probably one of the only people that isn’t jealous. Me and the sun are not an item, guess it is a good thing I live where it rarely gets above 70. Still the swimming sounds fun, without the drowning yakking part!

  3. Ohh….your blog post this time had me laughing. Not jealous … but jealously wishing I could write with the wit that you do.

    I am glad you had a great time … and if ever I decided to get married in a tropical setting I’ll let you and IP know nod nods.

    But the sunburn …ohhhhhh *hands you some aloe* … it does look a bit painful …. and you do have sympathy nod nods

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