Fun with Friday

I have what one would call an eclectic wardrobe.  Searching through my racks, you will find everything from formal dresses from my prom and bridesmaids days to professional attire to casual kicking back clothes to sports fanatic gear.

Since on Fridays I am allowed the pleasure of leaving the business duds in the closet and sporting the jeans at work, I set out this AM to find the perfect T shirt to go with my favorite demin.

I took a quick look and laid eyes on a shirt I hadn’t worn in a while.  Yep, that was it.  The winner for the day.  I quickly grabbed it and threw it on.  Then I looked in the mirror.

photo copy 6

Although I still think the shirt is adorable, seeing myself in it make it painfully obvious that the shirt had officially crossed over into being too young for me. (Insert silent weeping on the passing of my youth.)

I trudged back to my closet to find a more appropriate replacement.

Yes!  This one is perfect!!

photo copy 7

Hey, I said the other shirt was too young, but I didn’t say I was going to grow up!





  1. I LOVE the Woody tee.

    We get to go a bit more casual here too on Fridays … but I still can’t wear a tee-shirt.

    (By the way, how long ago since you wore those? If you tell me since being in schol…I will hate you forever damnit lol)

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