Tis the season….still

By now, I’m sure most of you have undecked those halls.  I get it.  I understand.  It feels so good to clean up and put everything away, fresh start for a fresh year.  We have too, well…mostly.

Christmas spirit.  Spreading goodwill towards man.  Kindness, peace, and love to all.  Why should that be crammed into just one month a year?  Shouldn’t we be on our happiest and jolliest of behaviors all year round?

We get so focused on the list, the shopping, the baking, the wrapping, the traveling, that we all forget to sit back and enjoy the sparkle of the holiday.  Christmas is here and gone in the blink of an eye, making us wish it wasn’t over already.

Why does it have to end?  Does it have to?

Actually no, no it doesn’t.  The sparkle lives on in the Soby household.

This is what our house looks like tonight, as I type.

photo copy 6

No really is does, well except the lights blink and race each other, like they are on a serious caffeine high.

I’m sure the fact that our house still glows with joy on January 22, might be annoying to some, in particular, my neighbors, but I love it.  It makes me smile and chuckle each night when they kick on.  I’m not the only one…..  The snowmen are smiling too.

photo copy 7





  1. Hahaha! I say, Go You!! I we were so busy before Christmas that the lights only went up 1 week before Christmas. Then…they were pulled down on Boxing Day! 🙂 I know crazy,right? But we had to go do work at our country property and they would still be up like yours…if we hadn’t! Lol
    My neighbors 2 doors down still have theirs up and I love it!! Hugs Paula xx

  2. Ohh….we hardly put up any lights this year as we were away …. but I have been known to leave my wreath on my front door until it is a fire hazard! lol

    And … the snowmen…the little lighted sticks of happiness…I have GOT to get those next year.

  3. I keep meaning to tell you this, but I love your site layout! My boyfriend still has his outside Christmas lights up. He argues they aren’t JUST Christmas lights, which is true I guess. All the other Christmas stuff we took down the day after New Year’s.

    • Thanks! I think I spent weeks of my life trying out different layouts until I found one I really liked! It’s amazing how much time you can really spend here just looking and clicking! Your boyfriend is using my husband’s logic. He says they are holiday lights and since they are LEDs and can change color, he can make them celebrate any holiday!

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