Ok, before you read any further, I need to warn you, this is not going to be a witty or humorous post.  Sorry, I just don’t have any excitement left in my little fingers….I put it all into my crochet hook.

About three weeks ago, I started crocheting blankets for my kids.  I found a great deal on yarn while out Black Friday shopping and decided to snatch it up.  I hadn’t made them blankets since they were babies, so I figured it was time.  After getting all my Christmas shopping, wrapping, and baking done, I decided on a pattern and got started.

I mentioned before that I was working on both blankets at the same time, so as not to be accused of favoritism.  I blame the “I don’t have a favorite” condition on my Mom.  I think she wrote the book on how to raise two kids as evenly as possible.  I’ve inherited the gene.  It’s a sickness really.

By the end of the blankets, I was switching back and forth a stitch at a time.  I just couldn’t bring myself to finish one blanket before the other.  (I will take to my grave which one was technically done first.  My official story is I grew two extra arms and the last stitch of each was done at exactly the same time.)

Without further ado, here are the finished projects.


Now please, don’t anyone get knocked up so that my crochet hook and fingers can have a well needed break!



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