Nature’s Miracle is right!

Butter and Red Pants do not mix.

Remember that day a few weeks ago when my daughter sat in butter?  Remember how she still thought they were clean?

Well they weren’t, so I threw them in the wash, spot treating them first, of course.

Then I committed a laundry sin.  Sorry Mom.  I put clothes in the dryer when the stain was still in the fabric.  In my defense, the oily butter stain was not visible in the red denim when the jeans were wet.

After pulling the still stained and fearing ruined jeans from the drier.  I promptly apologized to my daughter.  Luckily, she didn’t seem phased, as she still lives by the rule ~ If it came out of the washer and dryer, it must be clean.  She put them on anyway and wore them around.

When the jeans reappeared in the laundry the next time, I grabbed the Nature‘s Miracle Pet Stain remover that I use on the carpets.  (I have two extremely old cats, cats my husband loving calls the cats that won’t die, who eat and puke up their orange food on my downstairs carpets.  It’s the only product I’ve found that actually removes the orange disgustingness.)  I figured, what could it hurt?

To my utter surprise and delight, these are the pants I pulled out of the dryer.

photo copy 7

IT WORKED!!!  The butter is gone, the jeans are saved, and my Daughter can go back to her trend setting ways!  I wonder if Nature’s Miracle sells a product I could use on my son’s toxic smelling feet?




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