Ice, ice baby

For a while now, we haven’t had a lot to complain about in Nebraska in regards to the weather.  We had a very mild winter last year.  Not a single snow day used, which is a sin when you work in a school.  A very pleasant spring, not a lot of the severe weather and thunderstorms we are used to.  Sure the summer was hot and dry and we could have used more rain, but with all the rain we received the summer before, everyone seemed ok with it.

And this fall….well this fall has been glorious!  Most days have been in the 60s, warm, with beaming sunshine.  Just this last week, it was 75 degrees on Saturday.  Kids running in T-Shirts at the parks, trails full of joggers in shorts, the sounds of lawns still being mowed.  Then Sunday hit.

The first hard freeze of the season.  Lows in the teens overnight.  Waking up in a panic, hoping you remembered to disconnect your hoses from your house.  I got up that morning and instantly felt the chill of the weather change.  Man, I glad I crashed out in the sweats last night.

As I was making the bed, I touched the wall, damn that’s cold.  I was making a comment to my husband about the lack of insulation in our house, when he sheepishly walked over to the window, pulled back the curtains, and I saw the real culprit.

Yes you are seeing that correctly.  In his euphoria from enjoying the beautiful fall weather, my husband had forgotten to close the window and it was now frozen…open.

“What!,” he says to me.  “It was unfreeze later in the day…   :/




  1. That reminds me of South Dakota growing up. We actually went on a trip in April to Omaha and the day was shiny and mid 70’s all day. On our way back, we it was sleeting and freezing rain and my mom was driving the car. I was asleep in the back and my dad said to my mom, “whatever you do, don’t hit the brakes!” As soon as he said that, she hit the brakes and we did a 360 and ended up in the ditch on our side. We found a family to drive us back the 1 1/2 back but we were a family of seven they have 5 and they were in a Cadaliac. It was a slow crawl because of course the roads were so slick. One of the worst 2 hours ever.

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