Shopping….not his bag

This is how you normally will find my son.

Any chance to show off.

Or steal the spotlight.

He’s there…. He’s just got be the center of attention.

I found out yesterday, that all changes when you take him shopping.

Tis the season when I spend time on the weekend out looking for Christmas ideas and hunting for deals.  I want to find the best price and the perfect present, so it takes time.  It’s not always fun.  Trystan now knows how true that is.

Dad and daughter were having movie day out to see the newest Bourne movie at the cheap theater.  (Him because he’s a Bourne freak.  Her because she thought the guy in it was dreamy.)  So I told the boy we were going to go shopping.  About the times October hits, I try to not just buy things for the kiddos just for no reason. In his defense, he believes that when he goes to the store, he gets something.  He’s used to being spoiled.

After sulking around Kohl’s and being told “no” or “put in on your list” about everything he touched, he…

stomped out of the store,

and pouted in the car.

That was fun.  On to the next store.

Sidebar—When did these become oldies????

Seriously, John Cougar Mellencamp and Red Hot Chili Peppers in the cheap-o bin.  I’m sad.

More shopping.  More “No’s.”

I did find a him this though.  What do you think?

Yup, that’s perfect.




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