History repeats itself

I am so sick of these political ads.  How sick you ask?  The other day on the way to work I VOLUNTARILY chose to listen to a One Direction song on a different station over my regular station because my regular station was playing endless political ads.  I’ve had enough!  Stop the ads already!  Tuesday cannot come fast enough for me.

Who is one direction you ask and why is listening to them such a shock?  Well One Direction is this generations boy band.  Every generation has one.  Take a look.

If you just screamed or drooled over that picture.  You’re a directioner, as die hard fans call themselves.  I should know.  I live with one.

Niall, Liam, Zayn, Harry, and Louis.  Five very young and according to my daughter, very hot, boys who sing those bubble gum pop songs all the girls love.  Now as much as I want to make fun of this girl and her bad, pre-teen taste in music, I can’t.  See, liking boy bands is in her genes.  If you look closely, you will see that my daughter is wearing the most awesome jacket in the whole universe.

Still haven’t figured it out?  Well this might help.

Oh oh oh oh oh, she has the right stuff on her.

Yup, my daughter is wearing a New Kids on the Block jacket, one I bought at a concert I attended in 2008.  Yes, I said 2008.  I am, and have been a NKOTB fan since the late 80s and I’m proud to admit it.  Donnie, Joe, Jordan, Jon, and Danny.  Donnie is my favorite.  (You had a favorite too, admit it.)  I had every poster, every pin, every album.  I listened their music endlessly, cut out every article I could find about them, and threw a tape in the VCR every time they were on TV. I was obsessed.  My walls were covered floor to ceiling with posters that I would stare at for hours.  I attended their concerts and even won an autographed T-Shirt from a local radio station in 1989.  Jealous yet?  I may or may not still have a pillow case of theirs hidden on my pillow at home.

I mean who wouldn’t love these guys.  Just look at them.




Well image it’s 1990 when you look at them.  See why I can’t tease my daughter!?!?!

I have to admit.  The New Kids on the Block may not be so young and new anymore, but time has definitely been very generous to these 40 somethings.  This is them today.

Um, yep.  Still looking good and Hangin’ Tough after all these years.  One Direction has nothing on my boys.

And Donnie Wahlberg, if you’re reading this, your still on my list of five.  😉



  1. Ummm…first off have the same NKOTB jacket. Second I saw One Direction dolls in Target. I started to make fun of them but remembered I have a box with NKOTB dolls in the basement.

    I’m forever a Block Head! Joey rocks.

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