Rolling out the memories

Every year, every season, every holiday, our family would make cut out sugar cookies.  My mom has her own, and in my humble opinion, the absolute best recipe.  So many childhood memories are wrapped around making the dough, cutting the cookies, and creating a decorated mess of goodness.  During this process, became very adept at sneaking pieces of cookie dough.  (Mom always insisted that eating raw dough would give me worms.  I think she thought that would make me stop.  I was never fazed.)

About the time my brother and I moved out, my mom presented us with one of the best Christmas presents every…a link to the past and an invitation to future memory making.

To ensure that the family tradition would get passed along, for years my mom secretly bought cookie cutters and squirreled them away so my brother and I would have our own sets ready for our future families…AND guarantee we wouldn’t swipe any of hers on the way out the door!

I have gladly passed on the tradition to my own.  I smile widely every time I open the box to pull out the cookie cutters for that holiday or event.  In the kitchen, I pull out Peggy’s Cut-Out Sugar Cookie recipe…the flour flies and the memories flood my brain.

Yummy dough…can’t wait to swipe a piece behind her back.  Yes, I have told her cookie dough is HORRIBLE for her.  I can’t have her eating all my goods!


Roll baby roll, but don’t over roll…I don’t like them too thin!

Remember to flour those cutters, so the cookies don’t stick!

Cut the cookies as close to eat other as possible to get as many cookies as you can per roll!

Don’t place to cookies too close…you don’t want the cookies into each other.  Be careful with the sprinkles!

Rise baby, rise!

Time to clean up… guess that little bit of left over dough not big enough for a cookie will just need to go into my tummy… It wouldn’t be right to throw it away!

Time to dig in and enjoy!  They think they are just making yummy cookies….I know what we are really making!







  1. I loved the photos ….ok…time to comment and ask questions lol…

    1) Does rolling dough out on a piece of cloth keep it from sticking? I have never tried that.

    2) That is a gazillion cutters! That is beyond cool.

    3) Uhm…what’s with the kidlets and ONLY 1 cookie in their hands. *pushes them aside and grabs one in each hand and shows them how its done* haha

    4) I am not so much a cookie dough eater…though admits…with extra, I normally roll them flat again…spread cinnamon and sugar…roll them into a log and bake … and Mmmmmmm.

    • 1. I don’t know if it keeps them from sticking, but that’s they way mom always did. Some people prefer to put the flour directly on the counter. I think either way, lots of flour is the key. I like the cloth, because then I can just roll it up and pop it in the washing machine.
      2. LOVE the cookie cutters. We have cutters for every holiday, event, and shape. We even have a full alphabet!
      3. I think this picture was taken on cookie #2. The demolished them in two days flat. (I don’t mind too much, since they are all homemade.) Oh, I got my fair share in. I prefer mine with coffee!
      4. Might have to try that…sounds pretty good!

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