Dead Meat

Thanks to the joys of the iCloud, when we purchase or download something, it shows up on all of our devices then I have to delete it from things I didn’t want it on.  It’s great if I buy a song on my phone and it automatically shows up on my iPad, but in a family of four, you end up with tons of random stuff.

I try to keep my apps in stacks, so as not to clutter things up.  Yes I have OCD, deal.   So when I turn on my device and there’s been a new purchase, it sticks out.   Say like this…

(Yes the Words with Friends and Draw Something apps are mine.  Yes I have a lot of anger friends who want me to take my turn.  I played last night.  You’re welcome.)

Now my daughter started Spanish this year, and I like the Learn Spanish app.  It has been fun to play with.  I don’t know if it’s really helping her grade.  I like hearing the man pronounce the words with his Spanish accent.

Jet Pack Joyride was my son’s add and has become my husband’s newest obsession.  Some men read on the potty.  Mine plays jet pack joyride.  I have to admit.  After trying it, I did not delete it and have put it in my games stack.

But did you see the little one at the bottom.  One Direction, or 1D if you’re hip to them.  I’m not.  My daughter is obsessed.  So when I saw this app, I wasn’t really shocked that she had wanted it, I just didn’t know where it had come from since I hadn’t logged in our secret password for her to get it.  No biggie, I just assumed Peter had.  Then I opened an iTunes email and found this.

(Chambers, if you’re reading this.  Peter bought the Nickelback.  He still likes them.)

$4.99!  Now, I know, $4.99 isn’t a big deal, but I only let the kids get free apps.  If they really want a $ app, they have to cough up the few dollars for it.  I’m sure the kids think I’m mean.  That’s ok, they’ll be responsible adults one day.

Before approaching the girl, I went to hubby.

“Did you buy a $5 One Direction app for Paige?”

“Um, no.  Why?”

“Well someone purchased a One Direction Photo Booth app and it was $5.”

“Wasn’t me.”

Now I”m mad.  I approached my sweet and soon to be not-so-innocent daughter.

“Did you get this One Direction app?’

“Yes.  It was free.”

“No it wasn’t.”

“Well it was free at first….”

(One of those free on the surface apps, then you have to pay after you’ve used it to keep access to it.)

“Did I put in the password for you?”


“So how did you get it the app without the iTunes password?”

“I watched dad put in the password before, so I figured it out.”

Picture me with my jaw on the floor.


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