Let the games begin!

I love Christmas.  I love the music, the movies, the cookie baking.  I also love the deal hunting. 

I know, Christmas shopping is a drag to some people, but I see it as an ultimate fighting competition where you are engaged in battle to find the best deal.  I want to find a present that the recipient will actually like, at a steal of a price, but I also want to find it early, so I’m not out fighting the man crowds the week before the holiday.  Nope, my goal is always to be done shopping by the first week of December, that way I can spend time wrapping at my leisure, make cookies and praying for more snow.  (Yes I said praying for snow.  I love snow on the holidays.  I love snow days.  I work in a school with behavior disordered kids.  A day I get paid to stay in my jammies and not got to work?  I LIVE for snow day.)  In contrast, my husband begins his Christmas shopping on December 23, goes to one store, maybe two, and I get interesting presents. 

From September on, I save store gift cards, coupons, and have my eyes peeled for the deals.  

I scored my first present a few weeks ago for $2.  Yep, $2!  I had a $20 gift certificate to a local sporting goods store.  I popped in one day to see if could find an item my son was looking for.  That’s when I saw it.  A $35 item on sale for $22.  The perfect item for a certain someone on my Christmas list who shall remain nameless.  I snatched it out and hit the checkout.  Cross that name off and record my victory.  One person down and only $2 spent. 

Then I wait.  Patience is the key to the deal.  Once I get the Christmas shopping bug, I have to control myself from running full steam ahead in an attempt to annihilate the list.  That is how over spending and bad gift choices are made.  Wait Kerry, wait.  Let the deals come to you….

Today, I hit the motherload of deals. 

We have credit cards, who doesn’t these days.  We use them of online purchases, etc, but we always pay off the card.  (I have a problem with carrying debt.  It’s my issue.  I deal with it.)  Well for 15 years, we have been using the card and acquiring points in their rewards program….a lot of points.  I’ve only spent them one other time.  I wasn’t impressed with the items in the rewards store, so I haven’t been back browse since.  Well I logged on today, and was shocked by the incredible items that were all available for free at my fingertips. 

After a moment to contemplate shopping for myself, the visions of perfectly wrapped, no-expense out of my pocket presents flashed in my mind and the hunt was on.  Within minutes, I hit the motherload, the things a few certain someones were already hinting about wanted…in stock…available….and for me…free! 

Click, confirm, send. 

Running total:

Number of Christmas presents purchased to date:  3

Number of dollars spent out-of-pocket:   $2

Score another victory for team Kerry! 

Bring on the Christmas carols, ginger snaps and the snow days!



  1. OMG….I am so smiling. You sound not just excited…you sound SUPER EXCITED!!!!

    This really is an olympic event for you I can see. I myself squirrel away gifts thoughout the year (something I picked up from my mum I think … my sister used to do it too.)

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