The Conditioner Fairy

As your children get older, they become more self-sufficient.  They start doing things for themselves without being reminded or told to do so.  You have these silent little celebrations when they finish the food on their plates, stand up, and take them to the sink.

‘Hey!  I didn’t have to say anything and the dirty plate ended up in the sink.  And the coat got hung up on the coat hook!  Wow!’

And just when you have taken two steps forward, you take one a giant leap backwards.

My beautiful daughter comes out of the bathroom, having taken her bath early, beating the rush to the tub and ensuring she gets a full load of hot water, and says, “We’re out of conditioner!”

Me – “Um no Paige.  We are not out of conditioner.”

Paige – “Yes we are!  There is none in our bathroom!”

Side Note:  The benefits of having two full bathrooms in your house are 1.  You can have one bathroom you and the hubby use and one the kids mess up, arguing in, and battle over.  2.  You can buy the expensive shampoo and conditioner for use in your bathroom and stock pile the crappy sale shampoo and conditioner in the kids bathroom.   Let’s face it.  They’re just going to squeeze half of it down the drain and then refill the bottle with water.  They don’t get the good stuff.  3.  You don’t have to walk into a toilet bowl surprise.  Scratch that.  I have a husband.  Rule three is only guaranteed if you are single.

Me – “No we are not out of conditioner!  There’s extra conditioner in the hall closet.”

Paige – “Oh….”

Me – “When you use it up, you have to get a new bottle.  There is no Conditioner Fairy who will restock it for you!”

And another childhood illusion is burst in the Soby household.



  1. I am totally convinced that not only does the conditioner fairy not restock the bathrooms, but she uses gobs and gobs of conditioner. She must have the silkest hair ever. Yes it’s the cheap stuff in the kids bathroom.

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