Don’t make me laugh

So we all went over to Mom and Dad‘s this weekend to help out and see how they were getting by.  Mom went home on Friday afternoon and, although Dad can design you one heck of a building, but he’s new to being a nurse maid, chef, and housekeeper.

When I arrived, my dad and brother had pulled out the old dishwasher to install a new dishwasher, making an in prompt to water fountain under the kitchen sink in the process.  While they were knee-deep in their water works, I set about cleaning my parents bathroom and getting some laundry started.

I was talking to my mom while I cleaned her bathroom when I came upon this.

No big deal.  I’ll just take it downstair and put in the dishwasher……if there is a dishwasher to put it in yet.

I walked out of the bathroom holding up the cup.

Me – “Um, mom…What’s up with this?”

Mom – “Oh, that just needs a little vinegar in it, but it’s ok.”

Me – “What?!?!”

Mom – “We have hard water.  That’s my cup.”

Me – “You DRINK out of this?!?!”

Mom – “Yes.”

She barely gets the reply out before I burst out laughing, which makes Mom start laughing and clutching her stomach.

Me – “I thought this was like a toothbrush holder!”

Mom – “No.  I use that to have a drink of water in the morning.  Don’t make me laugh!  It hurts too much!”

Ok Mom, I won’t make you laugh, if you stop trying to give yourself botulism by drinking out of this nasty cup!



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