All’s not quiet on the western front

There are times in my life when I have momentary lapses in sanity and judgement.  I had one of those two weeks ago.

My beautiful, adoring son came home as excited as possible.  They had a visitor come to class to talk to them about band and he wanted to join and play the trumpet.  Yeah!  I was excited.  (See, I really was delusional.  My first thought was that this was a good idea.)

I have a philosophy with my children, if they want to try something, I let them try it.  Over the course of their childhoods, I have signed up for, paid for, transported to and from, and cheered for the following activities:  soccer, ballet, tap, flag football, gymnastics, boy scouts, girl scouts, piano, karate, baseball, softball, swimming, basketball and football.  I’ve bought shirts, uniforms, and pictures; sold bread, cookies, and popcorn.  You name it, we’ve done, and for the most part, I haven’t minded.  I am a firm believe in kids needing to be part of teams and/or activities.  They need to have commitments and people they are responsible too.  They need to have loves, hobbies, and passions and how else are they going to discover what those are if they don’t go out and try everything.

It only makes sense that one of them would take a whirl at band.  Plus, he looked so cute when he was jumping up and down saying, “Please, please, please!”  Man, I’m a sucker.

First step, get over the shock of the price tag for band.  (Holy Moly!  He better really like this!)  Step two, lecture child about how, after I pay for band, he is not allowed, under any circumstances to quit.  Son does all but promise me is first-born, in an attempt to reassure me, that he will stick with it.  Step three, find a trumpet.  Step four, get over shock of the price of a freakin’ trumpet.  (He better really, really like band AND stick with it because I don’t see ‘used, discarded trumpet’ fitting into my current decorating scheme.)  Step five, praise the lord eBay was invented so that I don’t need to take out a second mortgage to pay for said trumpet.  Step six, sit back and wait for the arrival of the trumpet and for my life and ears to be forever changed.

Today was TD-Day…Trumpet Delivery day.  I have to admit, I was nervous.  I’ve never bought a musical instrument over the internet, sight unseen, from a stranger, so I was worried.  Plus, it was only $108.00, so I was extra worried that it wouldn’t be as promised when it arrived.  My fears were put to rest when I opened the package and found this…

Yeah!  It’s a real trumpet.

Trystan was so excited, I think he was about to burst.  He quickly unwrapped everything, pushed in the mouth piece and gave it a blow.

My nerves went back on full alert!  You know that sound you hear when you think of a fog horn or a Tin Lizzie?  Imagine that, times 20, directly in your ear…..Wowzer!

Because I’m a mom and a darn good one, I quickly put on my “that was awesome-sause” face and high-fived my future Louis Armstrong.  After all, this may end up being this thing.  Until we know one way or the other, I’ll be cheering him on, driving to and from recitals, grinning through practice times, and investing heavily in the ear plug market!




  1. My sister started taking flute last Christmas after my dad found her flute on E-bay. Annoying as all get out to listen to practicing – but she’s still doing it and can play songs, even accompanying the piano at church. Good luck, Trystan!

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