It’s a good thing she’s cute

As I was finishing getting ready the morning, I arrived at the shoe stage of the dressing process and decided to take full advantage of the high 70s weather we were forecast for the day.  If Nebraska is going to hand me a beautiful day like this, I’m going to let my toes out to enjoy it.  Open toe shoes it is!

One problem.  My toes were not display ready, and I had no time to run out for a pedicure.  Since I picked a pretty purple shirt to wear, I decided to throw a coat of dark purple on the piggies and hope no one looked too closely at them.

I had just finished the second stroke of polish on my first big toe, when my all too excited and way too full of energy puppy came bounding into my room.  She took one leap up, coming straight down on my freshly painted toe.  Then took a second leap up, leaving a purple puppy paw print on my dress pants.


Did you know that finger nail polish remover works on puppy paws?  It does not work on dress pants.  It ruins dress pants.

I’m sure these things happen in your life all the time…right??

It’s a good thing she’s cute, because if she wasn’t she’d be looking for a new home tonight!



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