Nice Try!

Some people have kids to love, cuddle, and cherish.  I had mine to make sure I have someone to spoon feed me, change my pants, and let me live in their basement in my golden years.  No really!  And you have to have at least two.  One might be a screw up who refuses to be guilted into taking you in.  It’s too much of a risk.  A side bonus to bringing these crazy kiddos into the world, is their ability to provide an endless stream of blog material for me to put out into the universe to, hopefully, entertain the masses.

These two conversations happened within minutes of each other this afternoon.

While I was correcting my kids homework, I called Paige over to look at one of her math problems.  As I’m asking her a question, she leans in breathes on me.   Luckily, I was already sitting down or I might have fainted from the smell.

Me – “Whoa!  Um, you need to brush your teeth.”

Paige – “I did!”

Me – “Apparently not good enough.”

Paige – “Well…. I did have gym today.”

Me – “Yeah, that’s not how that works.”

Nice try Paige.

Then within a matter of minutes, Paige reaches into her backpack, pulls out a dollar, and announces, “Hey! I found a dollar!”

Trystan – “If it has George Washington on it, it’s mine.”

Nice try Trystan.


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