Keep dreaming sweetheart

In an attempt to get a jump-start on my weekend laundry adventure, (I know I’m stuck doing it.  I might as well give it the best title possible!) I put out an all call in the house.  All laundry report to the washing machine for proper sorting and load assignment, STAT!

The kids hauled theirs down right away, then came up to offer help with mine.  (Quarters still working!)

As we walked into my bedroom, I said to Paige.  “Hey, grab your dad’s pile of clothes, put it with the stuff in the hamper, and take it all downstairs.”

Paige – “Ok Mom, but why doesn’t Dad just put his clothes in the hamper?  It’s right there!”

Me – “I don’t know Paige.  He just doesn’t.  None of them do.”

Paige – “Oh, the man I marry will use the hamper!”

Me – “Sure Paige.  Good luck with that.”

Oh the optimism of youth!


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