Close encounters of a third kind?


Welcome to another conversation from my life….

Tonight, I get the kiddos home from school and am getting homework started, when my darling son realizes that he has brought home his Science book when he was supposed to bring home his Social Studies book.  Of course you did….  Back in the car we go, driving like crazy, hoping like heck that there is someone at the school still with a key.

Today is yet another day that the sun shines on my golden boy!  He was able to get in and get the book.

On the ride home, this conversation ensues.

Trystan – “All of the kids in our class know that aliens exist except for one.  (Names have been changed to protect the innocent) *Jimmy doesn’t think that aliens are real.  He said he’s going to prove it!”

Me – “How do you know that aliens are real?”

Trystan – “Umm, because of the pyramids, duh…aliens!”

Me – “Umm no, Egyptians.”

Trystan – “No!  And all that squiggly writing….aliens!”

Me – “Again, Egyptians.”

Trystan – “Right mom, sure, Egyptians.  How did they move all those stones???  Aliens!!!”

Me – “Sounds like we have a topic for research tonight.”

Trystan – (Silent, just shaking his head at his ill-informed mother.)

As we pulled in the driveway, I ask,

Me – “Hey, how did you get that stain on your pants?”

Trystan – “I don’t know.”

Me – “I do…… ALIENS!”

My beautiful baby boy, gives me a smirk, rolls his eyes at me, and exits my truck.




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