Mrs. Fix It

Yesterday our circle held its 4th annual neighborhood block party.

The highlight of the block party is always water balloon volleyball.  For those not knowledgable in this epic sport, here’s the low down.  First, you fill as many water balloons as possible and set up a volleyball net.

Next, you divide into teams and give each team a bed sheet.

Then, you set a water balloon in the center of your bed sheet.

Finally, you launch the water balloon over the net, hoping the other team misses it and gets drenched.  Repeat until you run out of balloons or fall over laughing, whichever comes first!

Yesterday, I started out early getting the volleyball net set up.  Unfortunately, over the course of the summer, we lost the ropes and stakes to the net, used to anchor the poles.  I got out our picnic table awning, because I knew it had ropes and stakes we could borrow.

Ropes – check

Stake –  Umm, where the @#%#% are the stakes?

This is no good.  We have to have a net.  We HAVE to play water balloon volleyball!

Off to the garage to search like crazy for something we can use as rope stakes.  Now my husband and I are not builders, yet we have a garage full of really pretty tools.  I thought briefly about using some screwdrivers, but I just kept seeing mental images of them coming loose and becoming flying daggers.  That would certainly kill the party atmosphere.  Then…the holy grail…. a full set of Allen Wrenches.

Allen Wrenches are those hexagon shaped thingies (Its a word!) you need to screw in those weird hexagon shaped screws they give you in “put together yourself” furniture.  The stuff you buy before you can afford real adult furniture.  We have a lot of it.

Allen Wrenches may help you put together your entertainment center, but, I now know, they also make excellent volleyball net stakes!

Problem solved!  Net up!  Party saved!

On my last minute walk through to grab the final party supplies, I find these buggers just hanging out on the porch railing…







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