Thank you Meth Cookers for ruining it for the rest of us!

As I’ve mentioned before, I live with three allergy people.  Spring and fall, while beautiful seasons on blooming buds and falling leaves, they are sheer misery for my fam.

I mean look at this kid!

He’s miserable.  His head is stuffy.  His throat is itchy.  His ears hurt.  His nose is red from all the blowing and running.  My kleenex bill is through the roof!

This box was full three hours ago.

I have been trying to sooth him with all endless allergy pills and nasal sprays, but nothing is working this year, so it was finally time to go to the big P…


Luckily for me, the FDA made Allegra-D an over the counter med, saving my a $60 c0-pay and an afternoon at the doc being told my son has allergies.

Unluckily for me, pseudophedrine is a meth cooker’s best friend and now we are all treated like criminals when we are trying to end our families’ misery.

As I entered my local drug store, I felt the stare of the security camera.  ‘There she is boys…Says she has a family with allergies…’

I found my section…all the paper slips, but no boxes of meds.  The good stuff is kept hidden behind the counter.

While I stood there debating name brand vs. generic, 12 hr vs. 24 hr, I felt the eyes of the pharmacist.  ‘Why is that lady standing there that long?  She must be one of them.’

With my final decision in hand, I approached the check out, ID ready, smile plastered on my face to help me look sweet and innocent.

The cashier scans my ID and my potential purposes.  Then the register starts making noises.

“Sorry, you can’t buy 20 pills.  You can only get 10.”

“I can’t buy 20?  I have three people with allergies in my house.  If I only can buy 10, I’ll be back in three days and then my ID will get flagged.”

Cashier and pharmacist exchange a private look.

Great, I’m now marked.  There is probably a swat team defending on my house as we speak.  Good thing it’s not Wednesday.  If they break in and find my husband watching Breaking Bad, and we will never talk our way out of this one….



  1. OMG…I feel so sorry…but have to admit, your blog made me laugh. (Though it can be a pain buying anything with pseudo …psud…buying anything with meth cooking contents!)

    I will say, that while all the honest allergy laden ones (like me … and your family) are now treated like potential sources of hazardous wastes, I will say that look is preferable to me than the one I used to sometimes get when I was younger and people found I was Irish … and gave me the “she’s an IRA terrorist” look!

    And ohh….isn’t it a bit odd that spongebob makes kleenex? *smiles*

  2. I am the one with terrible allergies in my house. Nothing works but the d. I am always embarassed to buy it, sometimes I make my husband go so I can give my id a break! Besides, I probably look like a tweeker when my eyes are watery and my nose is beet red.

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