Who needs a pollen count


You know those nice, crisp fall days when you get to open all the windows of the house and let the breeze blow through.  Must be nice, because I don’t.  I would kill to get to let the fresh air enter my house.  Unfortunately I live with three people who are allergic to nearly everything that grows outside.  Grass, weeds, pollen, mold…. you name it, it makes them stuffy, sneezy, and miserable.

When you have allergies, you live and die by the daily pollen count.  It seems like every meteorologist these days loves to hand out the daily pollen count…

“Ragweed is in the dangerously high levels this morning.”

Thank you sir, but I don’t need your fancy scale to tell me that.  I have developed my own allergy meter and all I need is a normal pair of shoes and about eight hours to ‘cook’ the meter.


You know when you stuff your feet inside your shoes all day, it creates this little sweat coffin that makes your feet turn into giant odor bombs?  Yes you do!  Admit it.  When you take off your shoes after a long day, even you don’t want to be in the same room with them.  Well stinky feet are the key to Kerry‘s allergy meter.

Step one:  Get home from a long day and remove your shoes.

Step two:  Rub your fingers in between your toes.

Step three:  Stick your fingers under the nose of your allergy-suffering loved one.

Step four:  Ask them what they smell.

Step five:  When they say “nothing,” proclaim it to be a high pollen count day and load them up with allergy meds.




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