One is the loneliest number….

By the time the first of May rolls around every school year, I’m looking for serious motivation to get myself through to the end of the school year.  (Ok, in all honesty, that feeling creeps in about Feb 5.)  Some of the things that pull me through til the end of the year are thoughts of alarm clock free mornings, sweet memories of my poolside lounge chair and planning for my vegetable garden.

Ah my vegetable garden…..

Every summer I tell myself, “Self, this is the year that you have my most beautiful garden in the neighborhood.  You’ll get up everyday and pick any pesky weeds that dare to grow.  You’ll make delicious side dishes and fresh salads with your bounty.  You’ll grow such a huge crop, you’ll have to give it away!”

I hand-pick my seeds (yes, I said seeds) and buy my bedding trays.  I anxiously await as the first little sprouts burst up through the dirt.  I count off the days until the farmer’s almanac says that it’s ok to transplant them without fear of frost.  Then the glorious day comes when I put them in the earth in my backyard.  All that is left is to sit back and wait for my harvest.

You know what happens when you have the plant a garden in what turns out to be the hottest and driest summer on record?  You get this….

a beautiful cherry tomato

and this…

No it’s not a summer squash!  It’s actually a zucchini that was picked a little too soon by my daughter who also thought is was a summer squash.

And this…

Hey, where’s the next picture from my harvest?  Oh yeah, that’s right.  That was both the beginning and end of my garden’s greatness.

Two vegetables….TWO!!

So we can all agree that the FFA will not be sending me a membership packet anytime soon.

Final tally

Alarm clock free summer… check

Lounging poolside… check

Bountiful harvest…..

Oh well, two out of three ain’t bad!



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