Doctor, doctor, give me the news

All good things must come to an end….including summer break.  Mine ended today, which means the count down to christmas break begins today.  (98 days if anyone wanted to know!)

Luckily for my children, they have another week at home before they are back at it.  For me it is a week on the edge.  They are old enough to be at home, but everyday I walk out the door, I wonder how long it will be before my phone goes off and what ideas they will come up with while we are gone.

When we first started leaving the kids home alone, we would get calls all the time.  It was always a double-edged sword.  We wanted them to call if they really needed to, but we also wanted them also to feel capable enough to not have to call repeatedly for seemingly no reason or just to tattle on each other.

After many family meetings, the constant calling has gotten better (i.e. The tattling has slowed down.  I’m sure they are still both doing things that they shouldn’t, but they have learned if they stop telling on each other, they both get away with their shenanigans! )

Today I walked into work and was instantly on the go.  About three hours in, I realized that my phone had not gone off yet.  I was both happy and worried.  What mischief were they making?  What messes would I come home to?  Maybe I am being to negative.  Maybe, just maybe they are playing nicely, being polite, and making me a special surprise.  Maybe not…

By the sixth hour of no call, I was suspicious.  They couldn’t possibly be getting along that well, so what were they up to?

I finally had contact during hour seven.  This was that call….

Trystan –  Mom?

Me – Yes bud.  How’s it going?

Trystan – Good.  When are you coming home?

Me – I will be leaving in about 3o minutes.  Why? What’s going on?

Trystan – Maddie (the dog) has a fever.

Me – Umm…ok…how do you know it?

Trystan – She was shivering, so we took her temperature.  It was 99.6

Me – Ummm… how did you take her temperature?

Trystan – With the thermometer!

Me – OK…where did you put the thermometer?

Trystan – Under her arm.  When it beeped, it said 99.6.  Does she need to go to the doctor?

Me – I think she’ll be ok.  I’ll be home soon.  I’ll check her out and clean the thermometer.

I guess it could always be worse.  They could’ve put the thermometer somewhere else…..



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