Man we are bad at this..


My kids still believe it the magic of childhood and I couldn’t be happier.  What I could be though is a better tooth fairy.

Without fail, every time they lose a tooth, I forget to bring the moola!

I try to remember, really I do.  I repeat to myself to remember to tip toe in and hide the cash.  I say I’ll wake up early and do it then.  I’ll leave myself a reminder, but, still, I always forget!

You  know what happens when you forget all the time? You have to get creative!

We now have a bunch of rules for the tooth fairy’s visits.

Did you know that if you lose a tooth after a certain time of the day that you miss getting on the tooth fairy’s list for that evening? It’s true!

Also, failure to write a sincere note will get you bumped off that evenings route. So will being mean to your brother or having a messy room! Hey, the tooth fairy has to have standards!

Or maybe someone could invent an app for that!




  1. grins…the thinks we do to make things “work”! When my daughter was younger she would ask a bazillion questions. The one’s you expect…”how does the tooth fairy get the money under the pillow without waking you?” or, “what does the tooth fairy do with your tooth?” etc. But some of them I had to think on the fly….some answers worked…some totally sucked.

    For instance one I made work:
    Daughter – “Why did she give me less money this time than the last time?”
    Me – “Because some tooth must be worth more.”

    One that I totally blew:
    Daughter – “Why didn’t the tooth fairy leave (friends name I can’t recall) any money?”
    Me – “Maybe so-and-so likely didn’t brush her teeth that night.” (which was really a horrible answer and thing to say!)

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