Anywhere you can pee, I can pee better…

I have the world’s cutest Yorkie-Poo, Maddie.  No, seriously, I do.  What, don’t believe me?  Well look at this face…


A couple of times a year, my parents will go out of town and bring their Miniature Schnauzer, Otis, over to my house to hang out with Maddie while they are gone.

Maddie has a problem.  She has to pee on every scent she smells.  Taking walks with her is a chore.  When Otis visits, potty breaks become an interesting round robin.

Hmmm.  I like this scent.  I will pee here.

Oh, you peed here?  I will pee here too.

This looks like a good spot.

Yes!  You are correct!  I love this place too!

It’s like they are in some secret competition where the only real winner is the grass…



  1. I had two Shar-pei brothers and they did the same thing. If one peed on something the other would too. One day one lifted his leg on a little bush and his brother went around to the other side and also lifted his leg on the same bush. Unfortunately the bush was too small and they ended up peeing on each other. I laughed so hard watching that.

  2. I feel much happier after reading the above. Maggie Mae is 7 years of age, and always hits the pee-pee pad when she pee-pees. Never again will I complain about having to stoop over and picking up the used pee-pee pad, and tossing the used pee-pee pad, and laying out a new pee-pee pad when Maggie Mae empties her bladder – which was full of pee-pee – onto her new poo-pad because she also poo-poo’s on the pee-pee pad.

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