Free….not always a good thing

My husband and I play on a c0-rec softball league.  I know, with the olympics going on, you are probably envisioning me as this stellar, super-human athlete.  Well, I hate to burst your daydream, but nothing could be further from the truth.

I like getting out, playing, and being on a team with friends.  It’s fun to have my own activity to go to instead of always being the shuttle driver, but I worry that I’m more of a road block to my team than a help.  I’ve had a few hits at bat and scored once, but glory on the diamond has not been mine.  Every time the ball is hit when I’m in the outfield, I’m quietly chanting…”not towards me, not towards me.”

On a completely different note, I love free things.  I will admit that I have stopped my car to pick up an unwanted item that was discarded on the side of the road.  Hey, it was a free little tykes toy chest.  You would have stopped too.

Back to softball…

After a recent game, on our way out of the ball fields, my son stops and picks up something off of the ground.  He hoists it in the air and proudly exclaims, “HEY, FREE CHAPSTICK!”

Even I know there is a limit to when free is a good thing!


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