Not as sneaky as she thinks…


My daughter’s current career aspiration is to be a police officer.  That’s good, because she would make a terrible criminal.

Last night we had grilled chicken, rice, and veggies.  My family usually does the eat, drop, and run…scarf down the food, drop their plates in the sink, and run to their activities, while I’m left to clean up the mess left behind.  As I was cleaning off the table, I noticed this napkin.

My first thought was, “Not only am I supposed to clean up their droppings, but I guess I get to throw away their trash too.”

As I pulled out the napkin, I found it to be rather heavy for just being a dirty napkin.

Then I opened it.

First rule of hiding the food you don’t want to eat is getting rid of the evidence!



  1. My mother got some deal at the health food store on these huge chewable vitamins when we were kids. They were awful, tasted like sawdust and they were the size of quarters. My brothers and I would stick them in the dirt of her jade plant that sat in the dining room.
    Should say something about the fact that they blended in with the dirt perfectly. Anyways she did figure it out when the plant died after about a year of this. She was pissed, that plant was old and humongous. I told her better to kill the plant with those things than her kids!
    And who the hell makes chewable vitamins that taste like dirt?

  2. My mother had a table that had boards that ran across the underneath side. We would pile the food on those boards and come back later to dispose of it – most of the time. Silly me, I didn’t learn anything from myself from my childhood mischief. I bought a dining table that has drawers on all four sides and must now check them from time to time.

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